Semana del Inglés

Dear families:

    We wantto share and thank you for your support and enthusiasm in the activity of the English Department.

We had the pleasure of having a bagpiper Mr. Cristhian Mac-Lean who welcomed us to a new day where we will honor the English language.

Also the children from first to sixth grade had the opportunity to participate in the Spelling Bee in three categories: 1st and 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th grade plus 5th and 6th grade, with Daniel Viveros as the winner of the first category, Francisco Mejía as the winner of the second category and Sofía Viveros as the winner of the third category. We also had prizes for the second and third places.

We want to highlight the relevance of the English language in our school because it is a fundamental tool for the work of the current society and pillar of King’s School San Bernardo.

Estimadas familias:

Queremos compartir y agradecer su apoyo y entusiasmo en la actividad del Departamento de Inglés.

Tuvimos el agrado de contar con un gaitero Sr. Cristhian Mac-Lean quien nos dio la bienvenida a una nueva jornada donde honraremos al idioma inglés.

También los niños desde primero a sexto básico tuvieron la oportunidad de participar en el concurso de deletreo Spelling Bee en tres categorías: 1ero y 2do básico, 3ero y 4to básico además de 5to y 6to básico arrojando a los alumnos Daniel Viveros como ganador de la primera categoría, Francisco Mejía como ganador de la segunda categoría y Sofía Viveros como ganadora de la tercera categoría. También tuvimos premios a los segundos y terceros lugares.

Queremos destacar la relevancia del idioma inglés en nuestro colegio pues es una herramienta fundamental para el quehacer de la sociedad actual y pilar de King´s School San Bernardo.




English Week 

On the occasion of the celebration of the English Week, students of our establishment from the third year, to the first year, were characterized as relevant characters within the English culture, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Characters such as Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, among others, visited our school and told us about the importance of their actions and merits.


It is a game that was oriented and adapted to the level of English of students from I to IV middle years.

In this game, each student had to guess in a certain time 25 words according to the definitions given, each word with a letter of the alphabet, listening and reading from each of them a definition (having as a clue that it started or contained the letter that corresponded).

(To make better use of time, each student had the opportunity to work individually in front of a PC and read all the definitions at once, if he did not know the answer he should say ‘skipping words’ and at the same time press the key enter to continue with the next word.